~*BubblySecrets*~ and the Tale of Whispers Lagoon

*Sierra Groves*

Played by: Currently Open

Character Bio:

One of the more shy characters, she doesnt really talk to the other girls staying out of trouble is her number one priority. Shes very kept to herself but it doesnt mean she isnt walking. Always observive and calculating she can make plans and get her way out of any situation. But surprisingly opposite of her, Cordelia is her best friend. Character Bio:

Name: Sierra

Status: Nephelae

Powers: Can sommon storms, lighting and rainstorms, control time

Weaknesses: Using too much of her own power can melt her body,

Magical Item: Bolt Earings, mirror

`Amber Rockhill`

Played by: Currently Open

Character Bio

 the strong willed one of the group and has no problem taking out enemies. She is best friends with Jessica and Rosalina and often gives them nicknames such as Water log and Air head. Just like Jessica she has no problem speaking her mind and calling people out to put them right back in their place. She has a high intellegence of her arts of weapons and fighting is light her favorite pastime, you can always find her training herself to become stronger mentally and physically.

Status: Dryad

Powers: Control Plants, can talk to woodland animals, transportation power

Weaknesses: Unknown

Magical Item: Bracelet, mirror


~Rosalina Blossoms~

Played by: Currently Open

Character Bio:

She is the free spirit and loves hanging out with her friends. It's always fun to be around her cause she can lighten the mood in a flash, with her best friends Jessica and Amber they can always over come problems. Rosalina has a vvery loving heart but her sometimes sensitive caring nature can be used against her.

Status: Aurai

Powers: Controls wind, make tornadoes, ice, poision air. Help people breath underwater

Weaknesses: unknown.

Magical Item: Pearl Necklace/ ring, mirror

~`Jessica Heavenly`~

Played by: Jasmine

Character Bio:

Jessica is the brains of the group and one of the stuburn ones, sometimes she speaks her mind in the most honest way, and thats not always a good thing. Despite her determination shes often round to be very lazy in her studies though her scores shoot through the roof. She loves giving the girls advice (not like she has a choice) and new insite on whats going on around whispers lagoon.

Name: Jessica Heavenly

Status: Niaid, Mermaid

 Powers: Control water, talk to aquatica animals, see the future, and change appearances using her mirror

Weaknesses: Very lazy and not as strong in the daytime because it weakens her powers. her emotions.

Magical Item: Fans, Shell Mirror

Cordelia Mclain<3

Played by: Trinity.

Character Bio:

Cordelia is one of the later Guardians, she of course is mean at first and constantly tries to steal the right to become a guardian from the other girls as much as possible. She has a distain for halflings like Jessica, Rose, and Amber but her best friend just happens to be Sierra. but will she have a change of heart?

Name: Cordelia Mclain

Status: Pyroread, Mermaid(later)

Powers: Controls fire, boil, stronger in the sun, the full moon weakens her powers. Her music hypnotizes people

Weaknesses: Cold weather, too much water makes her fizzle out, Hot tempered.

Magical Item: Hour glass necklace, mirror