~*BubblySecrets*~ and the Tale of Whispers Lagoon


This is the page about the characters of the show! come on and meet them :D

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Sapphire Gems

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Sapphire is one of the new girls in school. She is a very mysterious girl who’s always had all A’s (another Jessica?)

The girls don’t know about sapphires abilities …yet but when they find out they’re gonna have a time.

Sapphire has always been a person who thought no one was like her.

When she meets out other characters she….whoa. Sapphire has the awesome power to control storm (thunder and lighting) and later on can control electricity. Soon after that she has the power to help humans breath under water but only if they are close to her.

Anastasia Bubbles

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Anne is one of the girls friends but she’s more of a ocean dweller.

She loves to swim and she gets sick when she’s on land but she feels right at home in the water

I guess you can call her the weird one in the group

Cant wait to meet her? Well good just stay that way! Anne has the power to control fire. later on she is is granted the gift magical music that can stop any one dead in their tracks for as long as she wants.

Rosalina Blossoms

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Rosalina is the fun outgoing type. She always knows how to have a good time (not that way people).

Rosalina has lots of friends but she’s not a popular jerk like some.

Rosalina loves too feel the wind in her hair. Her favorite day is a windy one.

But besides that she’s a really secretive person. She even has a whole other identity! Rosalina has the power to control the wind and later on has the power to make snow and ice form. Later on she developes the power of the mermaid's mirror that can change anyones appearance.

Jessica Heavenly

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Jessica is more of the quiet book worms.

She doesn’t have many friends cause she puts everyone to sleep with her voice---literally!

She loves to swim she can be in any temp. it doesn’t matter if its water?....shell do it.

Besides her water fad and quietness she’s a real fighter (she just never shows it). jessica was always the shy quiet type. Jessica has the power to control water and later on can cause tsunamis, and a siren call.

Amber Rockhill

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Well not many people like Amber because she speaks her mind and doesn’t care about it.

Amber is more of the punk rocker girls cause well…she just is ok!

Amber loves being around anything that has to do with earth. She’s not afraid of a little dirt

Besides everyone loves a girl with two sides amber has always been the cool calm type 8).Amber has the power of the earth. Later on she gets the power of healing and she can talk to animals (mostly aquatic ones).