~*BubblySecrets*~ and the Tale of Whispers Lagoon

Whispers Lagoon & The Harpies Curse

Once long ago there was a peaceful place unknown to the real world called Whispers Lagoon. This place never had wars and it was a place where magical creatures could live in peace. Now each place on the island had a special place for each type of magical creature such as a fairy forest, the mermaid’s lagoon, and well you get it. This place was hidden from reality for the longest time and the only way you could get there is if you heard the whispers of the Island. I know what you’re thinking “Who whispers?” if you listen closely you can hear the magical guides whispering for you. Now you’re thinking “Who are the guides?” They are the messengers of the guardians who search and find new Guardians each year and also advice givers.

Now the Island was watched over by 5 special guardians: Pyra, Areois, Merina, Terrainia, and Niagara. These guardians watched over the Island safely and without problems for many years but all changed when the Harpies curse came with their terrible leader…Adrianna. Screeching swept the land and the waters turned dark and cold. Trees fell everywhere and fires burned. The guardians did all they could to help…but the harpies curse swallowed the Island. So they made a promise that they would go to the human realm and find the 5 chosen ones to help save the Island and defeat the evil queen that ruled the land.

Now, you may be thinking “How did they find the 5 next guardians?” well that’s story begins with three special girls, who meet some very special people. Now since all the warriors on the Island were magical creatures, they would stick out so, they had to find the girls and turn them into warriors there. The guardians knew that the journey wouldn’t take long; it was just the searching they had dreaded. Here is how our story begins.

Welcome to Bubbly Secrets *how it started*

Well ever since i was born i was brought up by the sea. Then around the age of 2 i developed a love for mythical creatures which came from greek mythology. Ive kept my love of mythology. When  I heard about how girls were making magical shows(mermaids faries) on youtube so i decided to make one as well. It wasnt till last summer that i had watched things like "H2o" and "Splash". So i told my friends about my idea...they seemed a little sceptical at first then they slowly went along with it. That's how bubbly secrets was born. But beware bubbly secrets isnt just about mermaids its loaded with other magical adventures and creatures...stay tuned!

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